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Optimization, Digitization
and Automation of Investment Portfolios
with Artificial Intelligence

Implementation of Generative AI
and Machine Learning models.

Personalized training of investment strategies in financial institutions, using advanced learning models.


Consulting and implementation of advanced AI/Machine Learning models.

With the support of mathematicians, physicists and AI Machine Learning specialists, we implemented a customized solution.

Portfolio digitization

Consulting in optimization and automations for asset management.

Market customization

Customization of our financial algorithm for optimization in fixed income and equities in local and international markets.

Risk Managment

Quantitatively control risk with our real-time AI system.

Digital savings and investment

Digital infrastructure solutions for digital portfolio banking.

Market making

Implementation of a secondary market for digital portfolios.

Integration of AI, Blockchain, Quantum Computing and Algorithms

From Electronic Forex trading to Digital Assets the art of analysing market data and currencies at fast speed has become more complex.
There is significant differences in fundamental and technical analysis between traditional assets and digital ones. Large ammounts of data has to be reviewed to discover the best prices and take the best risk/margin desition in a highly volatil market. Our Trading Team has almost 6 years of experience studying graphics, strategies, currencies patterns and behaviors. So we have started an AI programm to translate all this human data to Machine Learning in Neural Networks formulations. We spent hours at day transmiting and testing all this years of knowledge to highly specialized machines that becomes our trade advisors. Humans keep taking the final execution desition but Artificial Intelligence is helping us to outperfom ourselves every day.


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